jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

¡Me guayé y chillé goma'!

Ahora iba a escanear mi ilustración #1 del reto,
un autorretrato, busco el scanner, lo conecto,
abro la mochila para buscar la libreta de dibujo...
¿Libreta de DÓNDE? Hoy cuando salí [corriendo, porque estaba tarde]
del trabajo la olvidé en el escritorio.

Es un pésimo inicio del reto, aunque ya la ilustración está hecha.


I was about to scan the first of the challenge's illustration,
a self-portrait; got the scanner, plugged it in,
and tried to fetch my drawing pad from my backpack...
DRAWING WHA'?! Today when I left the office, [rushing, I was late]
I left it behind.

I just started the challenge horribly, even though the illustration's already made.

30-day drawing challenge

I'm starting a 30 day challenge, and each day I will post one drawing.

There's an organized list of what to do each day,
and it goes like this:

1. Yourself
2. Favorite animal
3. Favorite food
4. Favorite place
5. Best friend
6. Favorite book
7. Favorite movie
8. Favorite animated character
9. Favorite TV show
10. Favorite candy
11. Turning point in your life
12. Most recent accomplishment
13. Comic
14. Favorite fairy tale
15. Family picture
16. Inspiration
17. Favorite plant
18. Just a doodle
19. Something new
20. Something orange
21. Something you want
22. Something you miss
23. Something you need
24. A couple
25. Scenery
27. Someone you love
28. Anything you'd like
29. A place you want to go
30. A congrats banner for finishing the challenge!


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